Thousands of hand knotted strips of fabric
Playing with material, height, direction, thickness
Conveying calm and elegance
Textile Art Stephanie Chauvel  Bias
What are they made of?
The textile pieces are made of strips of fabric bias. The bias come in rolls of various length, width and material. I cut the strips according to the desired effect. Once cut, I fix them to a base structure with a very simple and basic knot making technique. Each work actually means a lot of strips being cut and requires before-hand thinking on the shape, the dimensional and directional effects I wish to give to the piece. I first sketch a draft on plain white paper, and then use millimetric paper to get a more detailed plan of my work to use as a guide. Sometimes though I change my mind along the way!
How it all started?
Friends of mine working in the fashion manufacturing industry were disposing of unused rolls of fabric bias. I started experimenting with length, width, shape, size, how to fix them, etc. I got hooked immediately. The first pieces were small and slowly I adventured to larger and larger pieces. Every time I test a new idea, a new effect. 
Textile Art Stephanie Chauvel  Texture detail
Textile Art Stephanie Chauvel  Donut
Why white?
The rolls I was offered were white! But I do love the varying effects that stem from the different directions, and textures. I love how the knots meet and overlap or how they get away from one another. I feel they have a story to tell, and white on white also allows that. 
The inherent sense of calm and purity of white makes it also very attractive to me, and what was a constrain originally is now something that I look for.

Also black!
Recently I have started using the black rolls I have in stock. They are harder to see on an image but are very intriguing too.
What do I love about it?
Despite the constraints, this type of work does offer endless possibilities. As mentioned before, size, shape, direction, dimension, thickness, texture are different parameters I can play with. Constraints never scare or discourage me, instead they challenge me and allow to be more creative, generating new outcomes.
I also very much enjoy the fact that I am using a material that would otherwise most probably be discarded. Having to deal with what I have is also a great creativity enhancer!
I also greatly enjoy the state of flow this hand work gets me into. My mind wanders, it is extremely meditative and soothing. 
Also, it is very tangible, real: as time goes by, it almost magically comes to life. And if it works, it shows quickly. If it doesn't too! If what I had in mind doesn't come through, I can just untangle the knots and start over! 
Textile Art Stephanie Chauvel  Onda
Textile Art Stephanie Chauvel  Construction
What am I looking for?
Beauty is an immense drive: where I live, where I go. I live in the countryside of the Marche region in central Italy, beauty is all around there, both natural and cultural. I also often travel to Paris, Lyon and Turin to visit family where I never miss a chance to visit exhibitions, new places, shops.
I hope my pieces give a sense of beauty, calm and purity to people's lives. I strive to attract one's attention and curiosity but in a subtle way. White on white creates a very elegant result, nothing obvious or ostentatious and I like that very much too. Being an introvert, this fits me very well!
Textile, creativity and geometry all in one, I have definitely found a piece of heaven!
­­More things to know...
I have experience with commissioned work, adapting to clients’ needs in terms of size and style, while always maintaining my own voice. My goal is a happy client and a gorgeous final end result: a­­ piece that resonates with the client and that enhances its interior in a unique way.

Desirable, they never leave one indifferent, always intriguing and attention-grabbing. Soft, curvy, textural, these pieces are very much in line with today’s lifestyle and timeless at the same time. 

Approachable and reliable, I deliver on time and find solutions for both framing and transportation, always with a smile! Each piece comes with its ad hoc self-made box, a hand-embroidered signature on the back, and a certificate of authenticity. 
I also provide marketing materials such as pdfs, postcards and I am a registered business. I am working on getting better photographs and I am also working on social media presence.

Finally, in a way, these works are eco-friendly: even though they are new and unused, the bias would otherwise end up discarded!
Textile Art Stephanie Chauvel Rondine
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Yin & Yang new style Art
Framing or not framing? How to care?
I love them free style as there is little dust where I live. Also they are quite light so I simply hang them on the wall with two strong nails. From time to time, I use a fabric roll to clear eventual dust. A vacuum cleaner set at the lowest power option is also eventually possible (though very very occasionally).

But white being white, cities being dusty, some prefer (understandably) to have it framed: plexiglass works wonderfully. Only it's quite expensive. 
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Arches
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Flusso
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Peonia
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Forme Black
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art  Joining
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Tre Tratti
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Mirror black
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Vita
Stephanie Chauvel Textile Art Mini Bombe
Porcupine Paper Art Stephanie Chauvel sc_patterndesign
Porcupine Paper Art Stephanie Chauvel sc_patterndesign
Cascade Paper Art Stephanie Chauvel sc_patterndesign
Cascade Paper Art Stephanie Chauvel sc_patterndesign
Yellow Pop Paper Art Stephanie Chauvel sc_patterndesign
Yellow Pop Paper Art Stephanie Chauvel sc_patterndesign
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