Freelance Art Production/Sourcing Services
Other than surface pattern design and textile art activities,
I manage small to large scale art production and sourcing projects 
for artists and architects
Managing small to large scale art productions/sourcing projects
Skills and achievements:
Understanding the needs
Getting a clear idea of the project, with time frame and budget
What is important for the client, for the completion of the project, of the production?

Researching and sourcing
-finding suppliers: getting information (prices, lead time, minimum quantities, conditions), getting samples, directly with the maker, no intermediary
-negotiating: getting the right price, within -if not less than- budget and the best possible price for quality
-following up until completion of production: supervising order, payment, quality control, shipment, delivery
Ex: finding real pearls suppliers in China and following up a complex order of 10,000 strands (lines) of pearls
Ex: finding vases and other decoration items for a serviced apartments hotel in China for Shanghai based architects.

-documenting and keeping track of contacts, contracts, invoices, images, emails, samples, shared files
-sending regular updates to client
-reminding deadlines, schedule, tasks
-respecting deadlines, budget and quality

Coordinating and Communicating
-good relationships with suppliers
-network of suppliers developed through the years in different sectors (art, video, pearls, thread, etc.)
-in close collaboration with client for feedback and adjustment
-regular updates and calls

Problem-solving and Creativity
-anticipating issues, questions, responses
-offering options if stuck
Key points:
-4 fluent languages: Italian, French, English, Mandarin Chinese in speaking, reading and writing
-Reliable, adaptable, and easy to work with
-Over 20 years of working experience in China (including sourcing)
-Strong artistic sensibility and background
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