Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a freelance pattern designer specialised in geo patterns. Born French, I have lived for over two decades in Asia. I now live in the countryside of Marche region, in central Italy.
I am all in for Geos and Abstracts.
I specialise in geos pattern collections for home decor. I have a special thing with tiles. My hand signature makes me create designs that are simple but impactful, modern, sometimes playful, always elegant!
I start from an inspiration, a colour palette and build patterns around them. I keep an eye on trends and take what is appealing. When it is time to make a collection, I put them altogether and notice what is missing, adding, removing, and also adjusting colourways to make cohesive and attractive collections.
Geos being sharp and neat shapes, I use Adobe Illustrator a lot and love it. But I also love using pen, brushes, scissors, clay, as well as tablet applications such as Procreate and Fresco. In that case, I will preferably use Adobe Photoshop to work on the repeat and texture.
Other interests:
In my spare time, I love doing things with my hands like crocheting, knitting, sewing, weaving, etc. I also create textile art works that can be seen in the "Textile art" section. Creating and beauty are strong drives!

Contact me to access my library of designs to get inspired. 
I can also custom design a collection specifically to your needs.
I prefer licensing over buyouts but I am happy to discuss!
Photo credit: Julie Quadrio
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