Hello, I'm Stephanie :) I am French, now based in Italy after many many years in Asia. ​​​​​​​
 Rendered in a modern, simple, and yet sophisticated style, my designs are often impactful and perceptive, and generally evoke an elegant and stylish feeling. Driven to create patterns that fit all genders, my designs combine natural and abstract shapes to create a modern aesthetic that fits right in with today's trends. 
Among favorites are Abstracts and Geos. I love playing with colors, layouts, effects and scale to generate a powerful result! I use pencil, markers, paint, and digital tools indifferently, just depending on the creative juice of the moment! I love putting motifs in repeat. Repeats are great fun for me and totally part of the designing process.
I am very into inclusivity, sustainability, nft, beauty, and all things textile. I enjoy using my hands in all sorts of crafts. Lately I have been doing lots of so called "puffs".
Passionate about patterns, I see them everywhere, a real obsession! Based in the beautiful hills of Marche region in Italy, they are indeed all around: nature, art, architecture ... there is plenty of inspiration!
I'd love to create customs designs for you or your client or also you can choose from my library of exclusive prints. Open to collaborations and licensing, let's get in touch! :)​​​​​​​
Photo credit: Julie Quadrio
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