Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a French freelance surface pattern designer based in the countryside of Marche, Italy.
My expertise:
I am all in for Geos and Abstracts.
I specialise in geos pattern collections for home decor and gender inclusive apparel markets. My designs are simple, modern, sometimes playful, always elegant!
My process:
I start from an inspiration, build a moodboard and a collection backbeat around this inspiration. From there I test and try different ideas that lead to a collection of usually minimum 3 patterns, with 1 main hero and 2 coordinates. Each pattern comes in 3-5 colorways. 
My tools:
Geos being sharp and neat shapes, I use Adobe Illustrator a lot and love it. But I also love using pen, brushes, and tablet applications such as Procreate and Fresco. In that case, I will preferably use Adobe Photoshop to work on the repeat.
I can custom design a collection specifically for your brand or you can choose from my library of designs. I am open to buyouts, licenses or collabs.
My other interests:
In my spare time, I love doing things with my hands like crocheting, knitting, sewing, basket weaving, etc. I also create textile and fiber art works that can be seen in the "Textile art" section. Creating is part of my Dna!
Photo credit: Julie Quadrio
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