Hello! My name is Stephanie Chauvel. Welcome to visit my portfolio! 
Rendered in a modern, simple, and yet sophisticated style, my designs are often playful and surprising, evoking a lively and cheerful feeling. Driven to create for the apparel and home markets, my designs combine natural and abstract shapes to create a modern aesthetic that fits right in with today's trends. 
Geos are a favorite. I love playing with colors, layouts and scale for strong impact, effects, and emotions!
Over the 20 years lived in Shanghai, I have acquired experience in the youth market, especially designing, producing and marketing baby textile products. I understand limited color palettes and large pattern layouts! 
Passionate about patterns, I see them everywhere, a real obsession! Based in the beautiful hills of Marche region in Italy, I am surrounded by nature, art, architecture: they are a major source of inspiration. I always start with hand sketches or brushes for my motifs and love putting them into repeat. Repeats are great fun for me and totally part of the designing process.
Design made easy: I'd love to create customs designs for you based on your brand aesthetic matching with your clientele needs or else you can choose from my library of exclusive prints. (The password protected page is under construction).
Open to commissions, licensing, collaborations, let's discuss! :)

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